Well-BEndow: A Worldwide Workplace Well-Being Initiative

Stress levels are rising among employed population owing to growing uncertainty and work pressure. Workplace stress worldwide is higher than ever, employee’s health is degrading day by day leading to physical, mental & psychological issues. It adversely affects productivity, results in growing voluntary turnover, and leads to massive increase in healthcare costs. Many organizations have accepted this as a problem and have come up with various approaches and policies like Employee Assistance Programs, Counselling, Yoga & Meditation at work etc.


Despite these measures and policies, a significant part of present day workforce is still not well. Employees generally try to meet the expectations of their employers at the cost of their own well-being. Spending more than usual working hours at work is the new corporate trend. Increasingly demanding schedules and high stress levels are leading to depression or general anxiety disorders among many individuals and have wide ranging effects like daytime fatigue, physical discomfort, psychological stress, performance deterioration, low pain threshold and increased absenteeism. It is estimated that nearly half of corporate employees sleep less than 6 hours in a day due to high stress levels and are prone to depression, hypertension, sugar etc.


Here, in ValuEndow Consulting, we have done in-depth research on Workplace Well-being, and have come up with our unique framework of Workplace Well-being in terms of Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual elements. Our survey instrument is applicable to all large / medium enterprises across Industry segments. We conduct diagnostic survey, analyse to draw deeper systemic insights and design/develop appropriate management interventions to bring sustainable positive improvements in our client organisation’s Well-being. Well-BEndow is our flagship Workplace Well-being program and is a ‘one stop solution to address all Workplace Well-being issues.’ We have our team of HR Experts, Organization Psychologists, Doctors, Nutritionists, Occupational Health Experts, Yoga & Meditation guides, Motivators & Life Coaches to partner with our clients in implementing their Well-Being solutions. 


We understand that there are solutions that work at the organizational level, team level and there are solutions that works at an individual level. Keeping that in mind we have decided to create a series of insights dedicated to workplace well-being. We will be talking about issues of mental health, eating habits, life style issues, excercising, spirituality in workplace context and much more. If there is something you would like us to especially take up, please write it in the comment section. Please follow us so that you don’t miss out on any episodes and don’t forget to like and share.


In the mean time you can also participate in our Worldwide Workplace Well-being Survey and join us in this movement of creating a Healthy & Happier world.


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