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ValuEndow Webinar - "Importance of Human Values during COVID Era"

Speaker: Dr. Dimpy Mahanta

Founder Head & Faculty, Department of Psychology Cotton University, Guwahati

ValuEndow Consulting is organizing a Free Webinar on the topic “Importance of Human Values during COVID 19 Era” on 3rd June 2020 from 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM.

The Speaker in this webinar will be our Knowledge Partner Dr. Dimpy Mahanta.

She is the Founder Head & Faculty, Department of Psychology, Cotton University, Guwahati. Dr. Dimpy Mahanta, Ph.D. in Occupational Stress and Quality of Life, is a champion in the field of promoting psychological well-being and managing stress. Her research papers have been widely published and she has presented her work both nationally and internationally and has been highly applauded.

She is a Life Member of the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology (EAOHP) based in Nottingham (UK) and Indian Academy of Health Psychology (IAHP). She is an author, singer, English newsreader with AIR (Prasar Bharti) Delhi, and an avid traveler.

Dr. Mahanta has been selected to be a part and parcel of the prestigious IAHP COVID-19 National Task Force and has been providing Free Counseling and Psychological Assistance to the public during the present crisis.

In this webinar, she will focus upon the value crisis that we see in society during these times. And also, the important values which are required to be instilled in each one of us in order to cope up better with this present pandemic.

Scenario Planning Masterclass by ValuEndow Consulting

Course Description

Developing a long-term strategy requires establishing views about the future and charting out coordinated actions and implementation plans to achieve desired goals. We are all, in general, heavily influenced by conditions in the present and our belief systems predisposed with what we have seen or read about in the past; so while articulating our views about the future, the majority of us as forecasters extrapolate from the past.

The uncertainties are abounding and affecting us deeply in most of our present-day businesses. We live in a world of increasingly complex interconnections of geopolitics, fast-changing technology, societal & market forces, changing regulations, and unforeseen discontinuity like present COVID 19 pandemic. It is crucial that today’s strategy development exercises adopt a new approach, new thinking, and new processes to take care of the uncertainties and of challenging our assumptions about what the future holds.

Scenarios are powerful tools for addressing what is both fundamentally significant and highly inexplicable – the future. Scenarios help us to understand and appreciate the risk exposure that organizations face and those forces that shape large-scale investment and major strategic initiatives. Good scenarios help us to improve the quality of corporate conversation on strategy, leading to a better quality of investment and reduced corporate liabilities.

This course will help and guide the participants to learn the art and science of scenario planning from a very basic level to attain mastery.

Learning expectation from the course

  • The participants will be exposed to the process of developing scenarios, and using scenarios in strategy development and strategy evaluation
  • Better comprehend corporate vulnerability and prepare with business discontinuity
  • Challenge the existing mental maps and explore possibilities of new strategic positioning
  • Learning step-by-step process of Scenario Planning through case studies and exercises

Who this course is for:

  • Young MBAs to enhance employability
  • Decision makers in any company, of any size and in any business
  • Entrepreneurs, managers and investors in a start-up
  • Strategy and planning professionals
  • Anyone with responsibility for the future success of an organization such as an NGO, non-profit, association, etc.

Requirements or prerequisites

  • Fundamental understanding of business and open mind to question and learn

Unique Structure:

  • The course will be conducted in the weekends. Four 60 minutes live webinar sessions in consecutive weekends, with guided lectures, exercises and extensive learning support. Participants will be given relevant case studies and assignments to work on. At the end of the course, participants will also receive e-Certificate of Completion.

Facilitator Profile

Mr. Manas Das has over 30 years of Industry experience. He worked in various functions like Strategic Planning, Change Management, L&D, Marketing, Business Development, and Plant Operations, etc.

He worked with GAIL, India’s Maharatna Company & Kuwait Petroleum Corporation – one of the largest Oil company in the world.

He is a Chemical Engineer from IIT Kanpur and MBA (International Business) from IIFT. He teaches Strategy & Change management at many topmost MBA colleges.

Facilitator : Manas Das

ValuEndow Webinar on Scenario Planning for Chandigarh University MBA Students

ValuEndow Webinar on Ego Awareness and Balance

Dr. Anjana Sen, Knowledge Partner with ValuEndow Consulting and an internationally recognized professional consultant and coach for Emotional Intelligence and Neuroleadership, delivered a wonderful webinar discussion today (29th April, 2020) on the topic “Ego Awareness and Balance”. 

She is the Author of many books, articles and provides  ‘Life Coach’ services. Alumnus of Lady Hardinge Medical College, Dr. Anjana worked with ONGC for almost 2 decades. Dr. Anjana is one of the founder members of The Forum for Emotional Intelligence Learning (FEIL). 

She designs and facilitates workshops on Ego Awareness and Balance, Stress Management, Relationship Management, Empathy Enhancement and Neuroleadership. 

Mr. Manas Das, MD & CEO ValuEndow Consulting moderated the webinar.

Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai - Webinar for Doctors & Medical Professionals

ValuEndow Consulting conducted a Webinar on 11th May 2020 for Sharda Hospital Doctors, Students, and medical staff. 

This webinar is our way of saying thanks to all the medical professionals showing extraordinary courage in challenging times. 

Dr. Pragya Mathur Kumar, our Knowledge Partner was the facilitator. PhD in Organizational Stress, Dr. Pragya is a Psychologist & Trainer. 

She is the founder of Arunima Ankuran – an initiative for social change through self-development. The webinar was very well delivered by Dr. Pragya and widely appreciated.

Mental Health and Well-being in Times of Global Crisis

The coronavirus outbreak has sparked a major global mental health crisis. Maybe the pandemic will be brought under control in some time in the near future, but the stress, anxiety, and depression will continue to affect people and communities. 

Not only the number of deaths crossing 300,000 (as on date); there has been an immense psychological effect on a vast number of people who lost or at the risk of losing livelihood, have been separated from loved ones, or have suffered from drastic lockdown orders. 

A study conducted in Ethiopia showed 33% of the population is suffering from depression-like symptoms. Other studies indicated mental stress is as high as 60% in Iran and 45% in the United States. A Canadian study shows nearly half of the health care workers need psychological support. The story here in India is not different. 

It is natural for many people to feel trapped in thought patterns of fear, anxiety, and helplessness, adversely affecting their mental health and well-being. Lack of access to their usual support system and coping strategies can make the situation further worse. 

But the good news is that even in these trying times we can learn to maintain positive mental health and achieve personal growth. While the present crisis is certainly painful and difficult, it doesn’t control the outcome of your life. There are many aspects of your life you can control, modify, and grow with. That is what we focused on in this webinar today. 

Pallavi Srivastava, the speaker in this webinar, is a very renowned therapist and a wellbeing consultant. She has a deep fascination with the human mind and its limitless potential and has conducted numerous workshops on mental health, wellbeing, and mindfulness. 

Pallavi says her mission is to help people find authentic happiness, success, and inner peace enabling them to flourish in life. Some of the key issues that she has helped people resolve include fears/phobia, anxiety, insomnia, depression, OCD, relationship / marital problems, stress, career growth, and achievements, and many others.

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