Satisfied Workforce – Key to Growth
Satisfied Workforce - Key to Growth

Satisfied Workforce – Key to Growth

By Sheikh Sanah

In today’s working environment, employee turnover issues have increased tremendously. The biggest reason for employee turnover is employee’s dis-satisfaction with their jobs or organizations. Various study and research has been done on turnover issues. A research conducted by Hay Group found that the majority of employees choose career opportunities, learning and development as the foremost reasons to stay in an organisation. Keeping employees satisfied with careers must be a priority for each and every employer.  

Employee satisfaction is the measure of how happy workers are with their job and working environment. Employees are more productive when they are satisfied. It is a state where people are prepared to welcome changes without much resistance. Their positive attitude is not limited to work-place, they also have a positive outlook towards life in general.

As per the TimesJobs survey, 60% employees are not satisfied with their current jobs, while 80% said they are looking to switch jobs.The report further said of the 60% unsatisfied employees, 80% belong to the junior level, 60% are from the middle level and 40% respondents are from the senior level profiles. Also as per their survey, level of dissatisfaction is increasing year by year. Among the respondents who claimed to be unsatisfied, 50% count poor work-life balance, 30% state meaningless work and 20% say poor salary as the reason for this dissatisfaction. Other key factors that lead to employee dissatisfaction are poor management, unsupportive boss, limited career growth and advancement etc.

As per Valuendow research findings, it has been found that Recognition at workplace is the top most factor  for job satisfaction among employees followed by Work-Life Balance. It has been seen that organizations which promote a culture of Openness and Freedom are more likely to be successful in bringing creative solutions for their customers. When members in leadership positions listen to the ideas presented by their employees, it makes employees more engaged and they always try to come up with something better than previous. Job satisfaction varies from person to person based on psychological, personal and organisational factors. Strategies that strengthen the work environment and increase the employee satisfaction to enhance employee performance and productivity should be developed, which ultimately would result in customer satisfaction as well as customer retention.

Employee satisfaction is one of the most complex areas that managers are facing when it comes to managing their employees. Policy makers and managers have turned their attention to provide different kinds of facilities to their employees. Various things that an organisation should do to increase satisfaction level thereby increasing revenue and profits includes providing fair compensation and benefits, clear communication, promotion opportunity, appraisal and rewards, knowing employees and empowering them which ultimately results in increase in productivity, reduced absenteeism, employee satisfaction, employee retention and better team-work. At the same time, not all interventions will have the same impact on the organisations therefore it is important for an organisation to understand and prioritize these interventions for enhancing the job satisfaction at workplace.

At ValuEndow Consulting, we offer services to our clients on employee satisfaction survey, in-depth analysis of survey results, recommending solutions and partnering implementation of management interventions, which ultimately results in increase in productivity, better teamwork and overall work culture. To have a deeper dialogue on how to implement right employee satisfaction measures in your organization, please reach out to us at

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