Leveraging Organization Culture and Employee Engagement for Sustainable Business Growth

Leveraging Organization Culture and Employee Engagement for Sustainable Business Growth

Organization culture includes the shared (articulated, or not so articulated) values, beliefs and principles/norms that contribute to the unique social and psychological work environment of an organization. The shared values/beliefs/ principles enhance internal coordination and promote consistent organizational identity across its employees. It defines how people would interact, communicate, behave and make decisions in an organization setup.

Causality between organization culture and organization performance is indisputable and obvious. A positive, appreciative & engaging culture leads to enhanced performance, which in turn further reinforces the engaging culture; whereas a short term focused, task oriented, ‘controlling’ culture may lead to lack of employee engagement and impact overall performance in a negative way.

It is imperative that the leadership spends time and energy in organizational alignment, which fosters shared sense of purpose, direction and strategy to inspire & motivate organizational members towards collective goals (shared vision). It is important that leaders advocate and demonstrate positive values such as empowerment, employee well being, work-life balance, integrity and performance-orientation, knowledge sharing etc., so that the same can be cascaded down. It has been observed that employees are at their productive best and feel engaged when their personal goals are aligned with the organizational goals.

Employee engagement brings in sense of responsibility and ownership and leads to employee commitment/loyalty. Committed employees provide sustainable competitive advantage to an organization by accumulating tacit knowledge, as it is rare and difficult for competitors to imitate. Employee commitment will also confine talent attrition, which is one of the common concerns these days.

Organization culture and employee engagement have critical role to play in accelerating business performance. Organization culture assessment provides important leads to diagnose organization health, and employee engagement can be an organization’s great differentiator in times of challenging stability and rapid change.

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