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Technology breakthrough, Big Data, developments in Artificial Intelligence, competition, regulatory changes, cost structure, new skillset needs, look at any dimension and you will see the industry shift demanding a new approach to solve today’s challenges. To overcome these disruptive changes and to consolidate learning across industry & seed innovation, ValuEndow is inviting you to join our team of Subject Matter Experts / Knowledge Partners.

With your decades of experience and vast knowledge of the industry, the thought must have crossed your mind sometime or other, how as an individual, can you continue to contribute back to the industry/society at large. Most of our veterans face this challenge that in absence of the right platform they find it little difficult to channelise their relevant expertise/game-changing ideas or don’t have much time and resources to delve with the subjects of their interest, doing deeper research and analysis, support with relevant data to enhance the value of their innovative ideas/approaches.

With ValuEndow you will be supported by our team of Analysts, Content Developers, peer Experts to give shape to your ideas, validate through in-depth research, properly enunciate to convey across the professional networks and leave your mark on the industry.

You will also get access to the paid subscriptions of premium industry journals, benchmark data, case studies in repository of ValuEndow, which in general are costly to subscribe in individual capacity.

ValuEndow is a community of experts; we will support you to publish your articles/blogs in our newsletters and website, free access to participate/present papers in workshops, seminars/webinars, conferences conducted by ValuEndow.

In our model of operation, the Subject Matter Experts are our Leaders, rich with their industry/sector knowledge, and industry network to support the cause of ValuEndow. You will guide the next generation of leaders in addressing the industry challenges.

The remunerations for our SMEs/Knowledge Partners are best in class, in line with their past experience and structured to be project based and will be linked to their contribution in executing the prevailing projects/assignments.

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