Women in Workplace: Needs  and Ambitions
Women in Workplace : Needs & Ambitions

Women in Workplace: Needs and Ambitions

3rd October, 2018       Authored by: Surbhi Goel, Priya Badhautiya Women play a very important role in shaping the country’s growth and development. There were times when women…

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Are you a Work-Magnet Employee?

In today’s corporate culture, there is always a scarcity of time and manpower across organizations and the balance between work and life is gradually shifting towards work. As organizations are moving from hierarchical to matrix structures, the silos are breaking down.

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Leveraging Organization Culture and Employee Engagement for Sustainable Business Growth

Organization culture includes the shared (articulated, or not so articulated) values, beliefs and principles/norms that contribute to the unique social and psychological work environment of an organization. The shared values/beliefs/ principles enhance internal coordination and promote consistent organizational identity across its employees. It defines how people would interact, communicate, behave and make decisions in an organization setup.

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Adopt Scenario Planning to address uncertainties of the future

Developing long-term strategy for an organization requires establishing views about the future and charting out coordinated actions and implementation plan to achieve desired goals. We are all, in general, heavily influenced by conditions in the present and our belief systems predisposed with what we have seen or read about in the past; so while articulating our views about future, majority of us as forecasters extrapolate from the past.

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Succession Planning in Family Business in India

Family businesses have traditionally been the mainstay of the Indian economy. From corner-shops to some of the biggest listed organizations, family businesses impact the life of every Indian. Family businesses have been the growth engines of economic output and employment. Around 65% of India’s GDP in the organized sector comes from family business.

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